Natural Health Assessments with Jo Oliver

One of the most important laws in Natural Healing is to

‘treat the individual, not the symptoms’

Your assessment is like having your own personal map that highlights specific areas of your body

These areas, when cared and supported, make it easier for your overall health levels to stay balanced  and strong. This assessment is where I can show you exactly how to improve your health levels.


Natural Health Assessment

This is perfect if you have an existing health issues such as poor sleep or low energy, going through Menopause, coping with stress, emotions or cravings, would like to use bespoke herbal formula, or are just keen to learn as much as possible about your health. This assessment combines learning your inherited factors (FEI) and your current health levels of individual organs and intuitive energy work

£35 for one hour – available from

  • Female Essence Iridology (FEI) assessment (assessment via your eyes) read more
  • FEI PDF Report emailed
  • FEI Daily Food PDF Poster
  • Full case history and questions about your health
  • Short Reflex Touch Treatment RTT on and around your feet – read more about this therapy
  • Discussion about your next steps and set out in summary report to keep and refer to

Thanks for this; first glance shows that a LOT of work has gone into it – it’s so detailed! I like the idea of daily foods too – it gives you a quick tick list and makes me think how I can combine foods to make sure I get them most days. It also makes me reflect that needing to retreat into my bolt hole isn’t a weakness, but a part of my make-up, and therefore I need to look at incorporating that into each and every day, rather than getting to boom or bust.”  

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One to one with Jo Oliver in clinic

Joanne Oliver offers a range of personal one-to-one support from her clinic at red barn retreat

To Book an appointment call 01280 702816 (Red Barn Retreat)

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